once upon a time a little princess called ninserella from hannover lived in a beautiful castle in the aachener schtreet next to her playmate lexilein.

each morning the young shining knight stevie, vom edlen matjes, picked her up on his truely drahtesel to accompany her safely to the princess-waldorfschool.

there she spent her lovely days frohlocking around the viererbande: the amazing lady julle, the fabulous jusche-pusche and the above mentioned well humored lexilein. of course young knappen like creative kralle, handsome henji, hyper-hyper wacker and, and, and... were lying to her feet...

but at the tender age of 17 little princess ninserella got itchy feet and traveled to... australia!

where she spent 4 wonderful months jauchzing around and where she met the one and another alleged big love... no, STOP! she really met the true love for a twinkling of an eye... a handsome italien prince who she would never forget: prince ernesto from canberra!

14 years later the littleprincess (who grew up to a pretty young woman by the way) thoughts still wandered to australia and finally she fulfilled her strongest wish: to return to the australia-wonderland once again! ...

fortsetzung folgt... ;o)